My photography - My passion !

I am an award winning  Austrian photographer living in Strasbourg and Vienna.

My photographic work concerns the whole range of topics from natural landscapes to cityscapes. I try to capture my individual view of these.  The magic of the moment,  the light and the atmosphere should be felt by the viewer. 

Landscape / cityscape and street photography is pure emotion for me. To create and interpret the atmosphere that I feel about my subject, using devices and techniques that produce the best quality. It's a strange synthesis of left and right brain, where I can solve technical problems and logistical challenges (like getting the right location) and then hopefully make something magical.

I compare my approach to my work with the production of a Hollywood feature film, which involves visual storytelling and the creation of a cinematic experience.

I must confess - I am a PHOTOHOLIC !!

Enjoy the photos ! ;-)